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animalheroes's Journal

Heroes of the Animal Kingdom
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Stories of heroic animals.
This community is dedicated to amazing animal stories. Animals are remarkable beings that perform incredible acts of bravery, love, and devotion everyday. Whether they are saving lives without thoughts for their own safety or showing their unconditional love in small ways everyday, animals are a beautiful part of the world.

Please fill this community with true stories. Maybe your own pet has shown love in a touching way or you've heard incredible stories of the bravery and devotion of animals. Post them here and share them with the world. We can always remember that there is love in the world. Also, if you have any great animal quotes or anything else like that feel free to post them.

The only rules are to be respectful of your fellow posters and keep your stories appropriate. As moderator, I reserve the right to delete comments without notification if rules are broken and if they are interruptions to the community. Please find another place to advertise. If you need to contact me please send me a message. Thank you!

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